"Creating Healthier Lives "

As a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist, Shadia will work as part of your health care team to improve your health by preventing or managing chronic diseases affected by nutrition. At Inutrition4U, we use evidence-based nutrition science to achieve changes in dietary patterns and nutritional status. That can improve overweight, underweight, blood sugar control, blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, and GI disorders.
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“Let food be thy medicine”

The answer to your insecurities and health problems is one dish away. Don’t let what you eat pull you away from accomplishing your dreams. Life is all about happiness, don’t let fad diets take that away.

Learn more about how Shadia could help you find a solution to your health issues and help you discover a healthier you!

Learn more about how Shadia could help you find a solution to your health issues and help you discover a healthier you!

Diabetes, pre-diabetes, Gestational diabetes

Accomplish more than what you think you can unlock your hidden potentials,
and eat more comfortably.

Diabetes Management

Don’t get overwhelmed by the number of medications, and complex diet plans. Let an expert help you create a balanced meal plan, regulate your blood glucose levels, control your blood pressure, and prevent the development of diabetes-related health issues.

Weight Management Plan

Following fad diets could be harmful to your body. You are losing a huge amount of nutrients that the body needs by blindly restricting yourself from specific foods.

As Fit As a Fiddle

Don’t eat less, eat right. As Fit as a Fiddle Meal Plan shows you exactly how to eat to lose weight! This meal plan will give you simple recipes to help you achieve your goal. Not only does this plan include balanced, low-calorie meals that will help you lose weight and look amazing, but it also includes a 5-day meal plan to follow with full-calorie and nutritional information, too!

Meal Planning

Trying to figure out what to eat, when, and how to eat it? Get the help of a registered nutritionist to have a customized meal plan specially made for your health needs.

Tailor-made Meal Plans

Finding the right nutritional plan that works for you isn’t a task that could be done by Googling it. You might be able to find a generalized one-size-fits-all diet plan and follow it for weeks only to find out that it doesn’t work for you. Get your custom-made Meal Plan, and enjoy a healthy life full of energy and fun.

Prenatal, Pregnancy & Lactation

You and your baby’s health are precious and in need of frequent monitoring.
Let us provide you with guidance and nutrition education for a healthy baby.

Prenatal, Pregnancy & Lactation

Every mother has the right to secure the future of her babies. Prenatal, pregnancy and lactation nutritional plans are crucial for the health of your children, and your own health as well. What you need is carefully crafted meals that will give your body the essential nutrition it needs to ensure a healthy pregnancy, and ensure a healthy baby. This also applies to lactation. Your body needs specific elements to ensure that your baby stays healthy.

Health & Wellness

You don’t need to have any existing weight or health problems to want to live a better life. You can always better yourself to achieve optimum health in your life .

Health & Wellness

Through individualized coaching, food psychology, clinical nutrition, science-based testing, and a mind/body approach to health, we will work with you to craft your nutritional plan to transform your health and your life.

Chronic condition prevention & Management

Don't let sickness hold you and your family back. Get the exact plan you need to fight your health condition, and achieve more.

Chronic Disease

High cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, heart diseases, cancer, and many more chronic diseases could be controlled; through a precise dietary plan. Good nutrition is the necessary key for long and healthy life. Adopt a healthy nutritional lifestyle with a customized nutrition plan.

Free consultation sessions

Let Shadia help you personally through a personal zoom meeting. She will tell you all you need to know about your health, how to deal with medical conditions, and what you could do to improve your life and live the life you seek.